Inquire about our extensive syndicated radio networks for music placements and interviews.


Consult with our team of media personalities and niche market specialists to best place your brand or product.


Start your own radio station now!
Internet radio is more powerful than terrestrial radio as it provides more precise targeting opportunities, exact user information, multi-faceted delivery (audio, web site), and is more actionable as listeners are only a click away from your site, internet radio is growing rapidly.

Direct Mail

Let BYB media group Inc affiliates address and mail a full color post card to a specific target market for a TOTAL turnkey cost of less than 1$ per lead! Access millions of sales leads for consumers or businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Create a custom online marketing package that suites your needs and budget.

BYB Media Group creates marketing content that targets your customers and consistently represents your brand image across all media forms.

BYB Media Group marketing projects include:

  • Marketing Campaign Execution
  • Direct Mail
  • Promotional Street Team
  • Social Media Marketing
  • TV Placement
  • TV Commercials
  • Internet Radio Streaming
  • Music Placement
  • Radio Interviews
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